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T Gauge has 3 mm (0.118 in) between tracks; hence the name T(hree) Gauge. It is presently the smallest commercial model train scale in the world.

The trains are powered with a battery-powered throttle (with optional AC adapter) at a constant output of 4.5 V DC. To adjust speed the power is square-wave modulated and the frequency of the waves gives the speed. They can run very, very slow to reasonably fast.

To improve power pickup and traction effort, the powered cars are fitted with magnetic wheels, and the track has steel rails. This allows very good power pickup, traction and stability on track, plus they can climb very steep inclines (45degrees) or even run upside-down.

Some powered cars have small directional LEDs (red and white) which change color depending of the direction of travel.

If you want to find-out more cool facts about T-Gauge please check this page: http://www.coolmodeltrains.com/T-gauge


T-gauge items are out-of-stock.


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